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very nice

Nice game dude!

sundoggo here, i would like to say dank mang wat a nicer gaemer


Can you make a cheat code that gives you all weapons unlocked? It doesn't need to be long term, but I wanted to test out all the weapons and I can't really play online, as there are no servers.

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Actually, scratch that former idea. That was a stupid request and would make the game no fun. Can you instead add the exp system to zombies, so that I can get xp even if I'm playing on my own?

yes, I will be updating the game in the next few weeks to address that issue, I would recommend getting on the discord chat to find people to play with!

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Thanks a ton! Just out of curiosity, can you change the files so that Autodesk stingray can run them and send them to me? I'm trying to learn how to use the engine and an example would be really great. I won't put the game up anywhere, it would just be a personal copy that I could play with and add to/edit to learn about the engine. The file format that stingray can use for models is .FBX, the supported audio is .WAV, and the supported texture formats are: .PNG .JPG .RAW .TGA/.TARGA .TIF/.TIFF .EXR .DDS and terrain height maps. Stingray can't support 32 bit .TIFF files or multilayer .EXR files.

My unity Scripts cannot be converted to annother engine, However if you chose to use unity i would be happy to give you a file with some example stuff

wow, looks like i never posted this here :D


What are you supposed to do after you defeat the zombie boss? What is the nuke for?

Where is the link for the discord?

it is back up on the page below the poll, it had been disappeared for some reason, thanks for telling me

When I put the link in, it says the instant link has expired.


Thanks for 300 Downloads!

hi developer is this a 32-bit game i will download this if not i think no download this please upload 32-bit in your awsome gameplay cool and awsome love this gameplay shooter

yes it is 32bit, all my games are for compatibility ^_^


Bots are planned for beta 4, if you can't find anyone online you should check the discord chat

HI developer make gamemode all just 3 gamemode hungergames,juggernout, and hide and seek that all i like this and with bots in gamemode if realease already the beta 4 thank you i like your game and please all modes and bots dont realease in steam i dont have account for the steam

Here is a Question, Should i Patch out Beta 2.1 to fix the Zombie Mode Problems?

yes please :)

you should get on the discord, that's where I would upload it to (also where I would tell when the next release is) XD

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send me the link plz

the link is at the top of the page

Beta 3 poll is up!

i know that you are working hard, but after playing i relize that most vending machines dont give you guns when you buy them. the ones that do work are the patriot, hunting shotgun, the green pistol, and one other machine gun.

also when there is more than one player the ai is off.

i enjoy your game, and i hope you can fix these things in the next release!

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Thank you Much for the Feedback, I will Definitely look into the Gun Problem.

I also think the AI problem is because the AI does not sync correctly it tries to go after multiple targets XD

no problem. also, i would like to be able to use my controller



zombies mode is more than i expected, now i can play by myself! AI still would be nice and you should make it to where players have to buy doors. keep up the good work!

Beta 2 is up!

Zombie mode is now a Thing


nice game. some suggestions are:

wave mode (zombies)

multiplayer ai


nice and meme. 8/10

moa maps plz


great potential cant wait to see this full of players, controlls work smoothly for me and graphics arent too shabby.

Good job.

Thanks for the feedback!


do you wanna play zombies?

Sure, I will be Online for awhile yet

You can also find me on the Ravenfield Discord Chat


yea ill play sometime for sure man! im just about to crash for the night right now though haha


assumeing you were talking to both of us anyways xD

Beta 1.1 Posted Multiplayer actually works now!

Beta 1 is Up!

Progress on the New Dessert Map


cheat codes?

The cheat code system is Implemented but sadly does not have any uses as of yet